Saving the Planet

When the Triple Glazing Superheroes say that triple glazed windows and doors help to save the Earth, they really do mean it! The Kyoto Protocol is an international environmental treaty – currently with 37 member countries – that aims to counter Global Warming. Each member’s Government has committed to reducing their country’s emissions in many ways.

With regards to homebuilding and renovation, the Building Regulations sets minimum thermal performance standards for replacement windows, and the Code for Sustainable Homes suggests that new build properties should adhere to even higher standards, all in the spirit of reducing household, national and international carbon emissions. Both standards allude to the importance of triple glazed windows and doors.

To support this further, the Passive House Standard – the World’s fastest growing building energy performance standard – promotes the philosophy of achieving maximum thermal comfort for minimum energy costs through, amongst other things, better insulation and the optimisation of solar gain; both key features of triple glazed windows and doors.

Don’t be fooled, triple glazed windows and doors really do help to save the planet!